Amanda Johnson - Owner of Whimsical Art of Amanda, original arts and crafts in the whimsical and folk art styles
This Senorita is sipping on a nice glass of Sangria while unwinding and enjoying the suds of her bubble bath. I'll rest when I'm dead, she used to tell her friends and family and that's just what she's doing! Besides, what better way to soothe your achy bones than a nice invigorating and hot bubbly bath?

Amanda Johnson was born and raised in New Mexico where she currently resides with her husband and their cat, Tatum. Amanda is a self-taught artist who specializes in folk art designs and whimsical fine arts and crafts. Her pieces evoke a joyful and fun-loving emotion that aims to create a smile on everyone's face. 

As a native New Mexican, Amanda grew up with and has long admired Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a Hispanic tradition that remembers and celebrates the lives of those loved ones passed. Her admiration of this treasured holiday and celebration is represented in several of her pieces including Senorita Sangria, Catrina’s Garden, Everlasting Love and Song for the Soul. Amanda also enjoys bringing mischievous cats, adoring dogs, serene still lives and brilliantly beautiful birds to life.


Amanda is experienced in working with many mediums including charcoals, watercolors, pastels, tempura, and colored pencils and markers; though her specialty is acrylic on canvas. In addition to her fine arts, Amanda enjoys turning ordinary and everyday objects into creative, artistic pieces. These creations can be viewed on her Etsy shop.  


Amanda is actively involved in art shows where she enjoys interacting with the public. Amanda also loves creating specialized pieces. Please contact her for any questions and/or requests for commissioned works.

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